The Monthey Dance Center offers you the opportunity to work with trained and motivated dance teachers.

The teachers at the MDC are experts in their field. Each one shares his or her passion for dance with his or her students.

SABINE - Director, jazz teacher

Monthey Dance Center - classical dance

MARYNA - Dance development, pre-classical, classical

Monthey Dance Center - hip-hop

DAVID - Hip-hop (intermediates-advanced level)

Monthey Dance Center - jazz

ANAÏS - Jazz and modern jazz techniquez

JULIE - State diploma professor of jazz dance EPSED

Pilates and yoga certifications

CORALIE - State diploma as a dance teacher, major jazz, 

EAT Technical aptitude test, major jazz

Monthey Dance Center - dance teacher

HEBERTH - Classique

BARBARA - Dancer at the MDC Company: Robin Hood, Gala FC Sion, Revue Casino Montreux (5 years old) 

As well as various representations

Monthey Dance Center - dance classes

IRYNA - Introduction to dance