MDC Events: ensuring a successful event!

At Monthey Dance Center, we organise danced animations and representations for all your private parties, business gatherings, galas...

MDC offers experimented teachers who communicate their passion for dance

Not only do we offer workshops and classes, but also events with professionalism and a developped artistic approach

Dance classes for children

Early-learning from the age of 3 by way of introductory classes, or even specific types of dance. Our school in Monthey offers your child the opportunity to blossom through dance

Discover the unique and magical universe of dance with the MDC

Whatever your level or the style of dance you practice, our school at Monthey has classes or workshops that will suit you!


The Monthey Dance Center offers a wide choice of dance classes and many different styles for all levels.

Whatever Dance classes - Monthey Dance Center - Montheythe style of dance you want to adopt, and depending on your level, we offer courses tailored to your requirements. All the teachers at the MDC are passionate about dance and pass on their experience and talent to their students. So you will be able to expend energy and make progress at the same time. Very soon you will see for yourself the benefits of dance on your body. From Monday to Friday, at various times of the day, we offer, amongst others, the following classes:

  • Early-learning classes for children aged 3 years and upwards, and introductory classes to dance for children aged 4, 5 and 6,
  • Jazz Dance Technique for beginners, intermediate or advanced and Technique-Jazz,
  • Oriental Dance,
  • Classical Dance and Ballet on Points,
  • Breakdance, and Hip Hop,
  • Personal development.

Programme of dance classes for downloading

Hip Hop

Dancehall / Girly


Practical information

Avenue du Théâtre 18 1870 Monthey

Mon, Wed 08:30-12:00 15:30-20:30
Tue 14:00-20:30
Thu 09:00-11:00 15:30-20:30
Fri 13:30-20:30


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